1. Membership of the club is open to anyone at the discretion of the Club's elected
management Committee, provided that they are legally permitted to possess, use or
own an airgun, and that they agree to accept and conform to the Club's rules and Safety
Code, and pay such fees as are required.
2. All shooters must be signed in on arrival.
3. All airguns used on the Club's ground / premises shall conform to the legal
requirements in force at the time. (Currently a maximum of 12 foot pounds for rifles and
6 foot pounds for pistols - air or CO2).
4. No air rifles that require a Firearms Certificate shall be used on the Club's grounds /
premises, either by members or their guests.
5. A "Cease Fire" is signalled one long blast on a whistle. Shooters will immediately
discharge their guns into the ground in front of them and leave the breech open. Rifles
must not be shouldered, pointed down range, nor targets ranged whilst a cease fire call
is in operation.
6. "Resume firing" will be signal by two short blast on a whistle. Shooters may re-load
and resume shooting once they have checked, and are sure that it is safe to do so.
7. Members inviting guests to participate in club activities shall be held responsible for
the conduct and behaviour of those guests and must ensure that they are made aware
of, and conform to, the Club's safety rules,
8. No member shall touch another member's gun(s), equipment or possessions without
first obtaining the owner's permission.
9. Never leave a gun loaded or unattended. Always lock your kit in your car boot, when
not in use
10. All members shall make themselves aware of the laws relating to the safe use and
responsibilities of ownership of airguns and the penalties for there misuse.
11. Under 14's may only join the Club at the Committee's discretion provided that they
show they are capable of safely handling and using an airgun and have a regular
attendance over a trial period not exceeding 3 months. When shooting, those under 14
will be directly supervised by a parent, or person over the age of 21.
12. Nothing other than approved targets shall be shot at on the club site. No animals,
birds or vermin shall be deliberately shot on the Club's grounds by members or their
13. Only lead pellets shall be used on the club's premises.
14. Any member breaking the Club's rules or Safety Code risks expulsion